Sunday 9:30am

A relaxed, modern service with kids and youth programs

We would love to welcome you to our 9:30 am gathering at Pearces Corner (click here for directions)! We are a community spanning generations and made up of all kinds of people, who delight in meeting together on Sundays and through the week to praise God and hear from him. Our 9:30 and 10:30 gatherings mirror each other, as do the kids and youth programs that run parallel.

When you arrive at Pearces Corner, you’ll be met at the door by some friendly welcomers who’ll write you a nametag and help you find a seat. We begin with everyone gathering together in the St Paul’s church building - with kids, youth and pre-schoolers, too. We sing a couple of songs, accompanied by the band, and usually hear what we call a ‘family spot’ - a teaching slot aimed to be accessible to all the church family. After some time together, the kids and youth head across to the hall for their programs - Play Church (for 0-5 year olds), Kids Church (for years K-5), Vine Church (for years 6-9), - while the adults sing, pray, read the Bible, and hear a sermon from the series we’re doing across Wahroonga Anglican Church. The service runs for just over an hour, after which we love catching up, discussing what we’ve heard, and encouraging one another as we have morning tea.

Many of us also meet during the week in small groups formed out of people from the 9:30 gathering.

I’d love to see you one week, and if you’d like more information, please contact me, Josh Lewis. I’m the pastor of the 9:30 gathering.