What's Christianity?

Christianity is all about Jesus

Christianity is all about Jesus

So, who is Jesus?

Jesus is the Christ, the king God promised to send to put everything right by setting up a kingdom of justice and love. He's also the son of God; God himself entering the world as a human being. He healed people, calmed storms, raised the dead - giving a glimpse of life in his kingdom: a perfect place with no suffering, fear or death. That's the home we all want!

But many people rejected Jesus. They thought they'd be happier making their own rules, outside his kingdom. That's something we all do. Jesus calls it 'sin'. It damages our lives and will eventually leave us separated forever from his kingdom. So we face what Jesus called 'hell' - an existence outside the kingdom, without anything good, forever. People rejected Jesus so violently that they killed him, nailing him to a cross. But that wasn't a mistake from God; it was a masterstroke. On the cross, Jesus was cut off from God's goodness, experiencing hell, so we don't have to.

Jesus was opening the way into his kingdom... to home.

Three days after Jesus' execution, his tomb was found to be empty.

Dozens spoke with him, hundreds spoke with him. He had risen. Right now, Jesus is inviting people to come into his kingdom - by turning around and believing in him. Following Jesus isn't easy, but it's a life of security, satisfaction and joy. We're looking forward to Jesus' return, when he'll establish his kingdom forever.

Jesus offers this new life to anyone who repents and believes.

Find out more...

One of the best ways to find out more about Jesus is to join us for a Sunday service - he's what we're all about. We also regularly run Explore Christianity courses which study Jesus' life and claims in more depth, and wherever you're at, Andrew Rees, the senior minister here, would love to hear from you to help you move forward.